FRACTAL -- Spring 2007

Front Range Architecture Compilers Tools and Languages Workshop

The FRACTAL Workshop is a meeting in the front range for presentation and discussion of new ideas in the area of programming languages and architecture. The objective is to establish a community of researchers in the area and establish a forum for exploring collaborations. The workshop is open to all students and researchers in the area.

Call for Papers

If you are interested in presenting your work or research ideas at FRACTAL, please send a title and abstract to the organizers. Submission is now closed.

Topics of interest include (the list is not intended to be exclusive):

Time, Location and Directions

Saturday, February 10th in Fort Collins, Colorado. The technical program of the workshop will start around 9am at the Spring Creek Meeting Room in the Lory Students Center at CSU.

Directions to get to Lory Students Center (LSC)

If you are coming south on 287 (from Laramie) 287 enters Ft. Collins and becomes College Avenue. Go directly to step 3 below.

If you are coming north on 287 (from Loveland), you will enter Ft. Collins going north on College Avenue. Go directly to step 3 (turning left instead of right).

If you are coming on I25:

  1. take Exit 269B to Co 14 West. Proceed on CO-14 W for about 4 miles
  2. turn left (south) on College Avenue and go for 2 blocks to Laurel
  3. turn right (west) on Laurel. Go for 3 blocks (2nd TL) to Meldrum
  4. turn left (south) into the Lory Student Center parking lot, park and go to the building in the southwest corner
  5. Walk up the outdoor flight of stairs and you will be at a plaza, with LSC on your right. Walk to the southern end of the building (open plaza on your left). Fractal is at the southern end of the building in the ASCSU Senate Chambers (just east of the theater). It can be accessed from the plaza.
Meals will be in the LSC Food court.

Attendance will be free for everyone. Registration is now closed..

Preliminary Schedule

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Alex Shye Run-time Compilation Techniques to Enable Multi-Core Systems
9:30 Michelle Strout Representation-Independent Alias Analysis and Data-Flow Analysis pdf
10:00 Lakshminarayanan Renganarayana Posynomials and Optimal Tiling : A Positive Match!
10:30 John Giacomoni Development Support for Concurrent Threaded Pipelining pdf
11:00 Jeremy Siek Concepts: linguistic support for generic programming in C++
11:30 Daniel von Dincklage Facilitating communication between program analyses
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Liqiang (Eric) Wang Runtime Analysis of Concurrency Errors for Multithreaded Programs
14:00 Amer Diwan Trace alignment for performance evaluation
14:30 Christoph Reichenbach Guided Refactorings
15:00 Break
15:30 Dinesh Mehta Chip Floorplanning
16:00 Ki Chang Kim Reversed-Height Scheduling for SMT Network Processors
16:30 Graham D. Price Finding Large-scale Parallelism using BDDs



FRACTAL Spring 2007 is supported by ISTeC.
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